EMPOWERED Equipped for life’s adventures

Life is a journey. 

I like to see it as an adventure and exploration to grow.

Every path and every experience teaches you something.

Like with any adventure or exploration, you will enjoy the journey best if you are well equipped to adapt to anything that comes your way!

This is what this program invites you to do: discover your inner world and natural inner resources to design your own self-care routine for you to be equipped for life, surf on its little and big waves and enjoy the ride!

If life has you feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, burnt out or anxious – it’s time to reconnect to self, and give yourself the empowering tools you need to live life beautifully

This program is for you if:

  1. You are fed up with feeling swamped in the rollercoaster of your emotions and the emotions of everyone around you.
  2. You would like to create a lighter and more joyful life for yourself
  3. You would like to feel more confident and learn to respond rather than react
  4. You would love to find ways to deal with stress in your mind and body
  5. You would like to find peace, quietened the inner chatter and clear your mind
  6. You would like to find ways to release tensions in the body and learn to be more attuned with it

I am Laetitia Dehauteur – I am a Sophrologist and EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

I was feeling this way years ago….until breaking point!!!! But this breaking point turned out to be the beginning of a wonderful adventure to a freer fulfilled self ; benefiting not only me but my children, my couple, my family!

It all happened thanks to the easy self-help tools from Sophrology and EFT that I learned to incorporate in my daily life …tools that are always with you, no special equipment, physical ability, nor long hours of practice needed…they are always there with you whether you are – in a queue in a supermarket, when you child does not want to go to bed, in the middle of a meeting, when preparing for that job interview,…- You only need your body, your mind, your breath, your heart and 5 to 10 minutes of daily practice.

I have a passion to pass on those tools for people to put themselves back at the centre of their world so they can become conscious, empowered and free human beings.

In this program you will find

5 individual sessions (1h session)

A space and time to reconnect and activate your inner resources

Sessions to explore what works for you and what your needs are to design your personalised selfcare routine to nurture your energy daily, stay focused and positive

Recordings of the sessions

Recordings of the sessions + recordings basic short visualisations for you to explore at home to see how to incorporate them in your daily life

Pdf files of cards

Pdf files of cards of the Dynamic Relaxation movements of Sophrology and the tapping points to support your home exploration

The guide to a journal

The guide to a journal to support your self care journey

Learn how to access your body, mind, heart and soul through a combination of simple movements, breathing exercises, visualisation and tapping. Releasing tension, activating your capacities, growing in awareness of yourself to feel calmer and more confident.


Be more confident. Clarify your vision.

Learn to relax, feel calmer and more focused.

Increase your energy level. Improve sleep and organ function.

Increase your energy level. Improve sleep and organ function.




“EFT kit for turbulent times” - 4 EFT protocoles to support you in turbulent times

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