Circle of the 13 Moons



Discover all the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine, connect to your nature, rhythms and inner wisdom through the tales of the Native American Clan Mothers to unfold your magic and bring more joy and harmony into your life.

A calling

What if this year you decided to stop pushing, pulling, resisting to get your projects, goals and intentions where you want them to be? What if you decided to bring flow and lightness into your life by learning to connect to your inner world, your intuition? Why not connect to your rhythm and nature’s rhythm to dance off your life?

If you are ready to dive in to bring more love, compassion, joy and unity into your world then the Circle of the 13 Moons is for you.

I invite you into a sacred and joyful journey

where you will:

  • Connect to your own wisdom to guide your path to free your magic
  • Follow your inner rhythm to live a lighter and more joyful life
  • Nurture your energy and your whole being to support all your projects and dreams
  • Explore and embrace your Feminine energy to feel aligned and whole again.

Through the teachings of the ancestral American Indian Feminine wisdom

of the 13 Original Clan Mothers

"I really enjoyed the circle. I felt so disconnected before. It is so lovely to know there is a wisdom and a deep connection within. It is just about stopping and reconnecting."

"I go away with the realisation that I miss sisterhood and the feeling of strength and unity it brings. Also the call to balance my feminine and masculine."

"The sisterhood was formed in order for womankind to be able to see all aspects if the Self as equal, all talents, male and female, as contributing to the whole. We are being asked to honor the gifts of womankind and to call on the strength of our sisters in order to discover oursleves."

Who are the 13 Original Clan Mothers?

The teaching of the 13 Original Clan Mothers has been passed on to a wider community by Jamie Sams and comes from a long ancestral lineage of oral tradition of Native Americans. The 13 Original Clan Mothers represent each of the 13 aspects, gifts and talents of the Feminine. Each new moon we are invited to walk with one Original Mother in order to draw from her teaching the keys of compassion, understanding, gentleness and love which invites us to listen to our true nature and embrace all our colours to make them vibrate high in the world.

It invites us to reconnect with the earth and weave our dreams together.

The teaching of the 13 Original Clan Mothers is a powerful healing journey.

When joining this program you will

  • ❖ Discover the powerful teachings of the 13 Original Clan mothers and let their energy and wisdom support you throughout the year and beyond and feel supported on your sacred path
  • Experience the empowering and nurturing energy of the group
  • Feel stronger and more confident to surf on life’s little and big waves
  • Love, embrace and dare being who you are
  • Bring harmony to your life and your relationships
  • Learn simple and practical techniques and approaches to look after your energy with Sophrology and EFT
  • Find more clarity, focus and energy to run your projects and dare fulfil your dreams to let your unique colour shine to the world

Why the 13 Original Clan Mothers?

When I started my journey to become a Sacred Feminine Ignitor, I came across Jamie Sam’s book of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. From the first chapter, I enjoyed immersing myself into the poetry and initiation that their teaching holds.

It was first in my Matrix Reimprinting sessions that I experienced the impact of their energy: when guiding my clients in a meditative space to free their energy blocks, the Clan mothers  came to my mind as a suggestion to support the resolution process. Their energy resonated with a lot of women I support and I was able to witness the Original Clan Mothers’ healing presence, allowing feelings of being safe, welcomed in the world or celebrated as a unique being.

The 13 Clan Mothers teachings changed and continue to change the way I relate to the world around me and nature in particular. Every day, I am more attentive to the lessons they bring and more nurturing. Connecting deeper and deeper to nature and the world around me, I embrace and connect more and more to my own nature and intuition: its rhythm, its dimensions, its polarities, its medicine.

This journey is a real journey of love and magic for each of us to dare express our gifts and talents to the world for a lovely symphony of unity in our diversity.

What it entails:

  • 2 online circles per month on Monday 19.30pm (from April 2022 to April 2023)
  • (replays will be available for the times you can’t attend)
    • 🌑 1st circle at the New Moon with a practice of connection, the meditative reading of the initiatic tale of the Clan mother of the cycle, ritual of intention for the month (1 hour 30)
    • 🌕 2nd circle at the Full Moon with a practice of connection, sharing the experience of the integration of the wisdom in our lives, ritual of full moon (what we let go of and what we keep) (1 hour)
  • A private Facebook Group to share your discoveries of integrating the teachings in your day to day life, share the ups and downs, feel empowered and supported by the energy of sisterhood

3 opportunities for connection to put you back on your priority list, nurture your energy and feed your soul.


2 options:

£320 for the year (£12.80/circle) OR 3 instalments of £120 (£14.40/circle)

  • 25 circles: 2 circles per month + 1 for the 13th Moon of the year
  • Recordings of the circles if you can’t attend in person
  • Exercises of Sophrology and EFT to integrate in your daily life
  • ✔ Access to private Facebook group to share the ups and downs and inspire each other
  • ✔ Access to a members area where you can find the recordings of the circles and resources to support you in your journey

Because we know it can be hard to decide when investing money for yourself, there will be 30 days to change your mind if you feel this program is not suitable for you

Who am I?

I am Laetitia Dehauteur.

I am a Sophrologist, EFT and Matrix reimprinting practitioner, Sacred Feminine Ignitor to bring balance and unity to our inner worlds. I am an inner world explorer and so excited to be able to embark on this exploration with you!


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