Happy Family with Sophrology

Happy Family with Sophrology

For a happier and lighter family life

In today’s competitive world, parents and children are under stress to perform.
If you add to it the pressure of social media, family members are left with a list of outside expectations that in time have a bad impact on health, sleep and our capacity to focus and perform.
You feel sometimes overwhelmed with your to do list including supporting the whole family’s emotional needs and success.

You are fed up of having to play the cop’s role and would like to connect heart to heart with your familyYou would like to support your children to grow confident, independent and blossom.

I have something for you

I have put together a pack of 5 sessions for families that include 10 videos and 5 recordings.

You will be guided through some simple Sophrology exercises to explore how to release tensions, lift up everyone’s energy for a lighter and more harmonious family life.

This pack guides you through sessions to enable you to:

  • learn to connect to yourself and your inner resources 
  • create your own resources to dig into for more confidence, resilience and creativity
  • share this experience and exploration with your family.

As a mum of three very active boys, I can testify the changes that Sophrology have brought to my family life and to each of us!


  • simple yet powerful
  • in the comfort of your own home: we come to you
  • easy to use at a convenient time for you
  • no particular knowledge or physical abilities of any kind needed
  • not much space or special equipment required
  • adaptable to your needs and life:
  • adaptable for children and adults alike – will benefit all
  • a technique and approach adaptable to every area of your life and that you will keep for life
  • team building! 😉

This pack includes

Video “how to use the Happy Family Sophrology  pack”

5 Happy Family Sophrology sessions with, for each session:

  • a video of the complete “live” session of dynamic relaxation exercises
  • a shorter video with the summary of the dynamic relaxation exercises if you prefer to follow your own rhythm
  • a recording of the visualisation linked to the theme of the session


Session 1: Letting go of tensions

Visualisation linked to session 1: the landscape – the safe place

Session 2 Waking up to myself

Visualisation linked to session 2: my favorite things

Session 3: The super hero in you

Visualisation linked to session 3: grounding

Session 4: the bubble of love

Visualisation linked to session 4: the bubble of love 

Session 5: preparation for a special event

Visualisation linked to session 5: at my best during my special event


This pack is at a discounted price of £50 until the 3rd of December


  • pdf cards showing each dynamic exercise with explanations
  • Written protocol of Surfing the waves of turbulent times  with EFT  with the documents explaining how to use EFT
  • a gratitude game to do with family on pdf


These videos are not for you if you think that buying them will bring calm and happiness to your home. You can only reach a happier and lighter life if your practice them regularly. A family life is not calm but lively 😉There is no secret. You take care of your teeth everyday; in the same way is it important to take some time for our emotional wellbeing every day. There is no magical solution or magical person who will create changes in your life: you have the responsibility….and the power ;-) !

I give you 30 days total warranty, so you have time to experiment Sophrology and see for yourself. You only need to send me an email and I will reimburse you as quickly as possible.