Equipped with your natural inner resources, I invite you to step deeper into your magic, meet your inner wisdom and transform your limiting beliefs into powerful roots/foundations for the manifestation of your vision and projects.

This program is for you if:

  1. Fed up of feeling trapped in patterns that you don’t know how to get out of 
  2. Eager to create change but don’t know how
  3. Ready to face your fears and shadows
  4. Not afraid of going deep and want to go to the root of what is holding you back
  5. Ready to manifest your dreams into this life
  6. Have enough of playing small

I am Laetitia Dehauteur – I am a Sophrologist and EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

I have a passion to pass on tools for people to put themselves back at the centre of their world so they can become conscious, empowered and free human beings.

I love guiding people into explorations and experiences to enrich their presence to the world with the knowledge of who they are and glowing their unique inner power and beauty

One of the modality I love guiding people into is Matrix reimprinting.

I feel so privileged and amazed each time to witness my client’s encounter with their inner child and the resolution and wisdom that she/he guides them to.

In this program you will find

6 individual sessions (1h30 each)

6 individual sessions (1h30 each): a safe and nurturing space to connect deeply to your body and your subconscious, go at the root event of your limiting belief to bring resolution, change the energy and imprint a new positive belief in a gentle manner.

Recordings of the sessions

Recordings of the sessions to be able to revisit what has been reimprinted to anchor it deeper into the subconscious


Learn to use EFT to keep your energy high and go through turbulent times with ease and confidence

Find serenity, joy and deep love for yourself and others

Make peace with who you are - Enjoy and dare being yourself fully

Reclaim your power and magic

Resolve long time conflict and heal traumas for you and your family line

Connect to your inner child and Life energy - reignite your inner sparkle

Become more aware of your body, mind and beliefs to be able to let go of tensions and pains and communicate more positively with people around you




“EFT kit for turbulent times” - 4 EFT protocoles to support you in turbulent times

“Happy family with Sophrology Pack” - videos of 5 family sophrology sessions+recordings of related visualisations+pdf cards of dynamic relaxation movement

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