Surfing kit for turbulent times

Surfing kit for turbulent times

Get yourself and your family all geared up to surf the waves of turbulent times with this Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping) surfing kit: You will be guided in your first steps with EFT through 4 written protocols, 3 videos, a picture of the EFT points, some guidelines on how to use EFT with your children and the Meridian Flow Wheel for EFT. I have also added to the pack a recording of a grounding meditation: a simple but powerful must have technique when in the midst of turbulence.


  • This kit is not for you if you think there is a magic tool or person who is going to create the change for you in one go.
  • This kit is not for you if you already feel balanced and content in all aspects of your life and are bursting with energy!
  • This kit is for you
    • if you are looking for solutions to deal with your children’s and your emotions,
    • if you fell stressed and overwhelmed by outside demands and expectations,
    • if you want to feel calm and confident to deal with any event coming your way
    • If you want a lighter and happier life!
    • if you are ready to dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to your emotional wellbeing

This Emotional Freedom Technique pack includes

  • EFT Protocol 1

    In the midst of turbulent times
    A EFT protocol to regain confidence and calm when the world around us feels overwhelming

  • EFT Protocol 2

    Waking up to a brand new day
    The perfect protocol for your everyday selfcare routine! Gears your mind, your heart and your energy in the right direction and consequently your reality

  • EFT Protocol 3

    I am perfectly imperfect
    A perfect protocol to do alone or with the whole family to remind ourselves we are wonderful and doing the best we can everyday. The perfect protocol to bring a gentle and warm wave of love into your home and your hearts.

  • EFT Protocol 4

    This Meridian Flow Wheel is inspired by Chinese Medicine Meridian flow wheel and is a great tool to reharmonize the flow of energy in your body. It is perfect to recenter and relax at any tine of the day. It also works wonders for children and adults alike before bedtime or whenever you are hit by jet lag.

  • Grounding meditation

    A 10 minutes recording of a grounding meditation. Grounding is definitely a first aid technique for turbulent times
    I invite you to go back to it each time you feel like being in the middle of the tornado. Once you have practiced it with the recording, I invite you to reactivate it each time you bring your attention to your feet.
    Another simple yet powerful technique you can do anywhere and everywhere.