"A more joyous and light daily life, change job and get to know myself "

"From overwhelmed to serene and confident "

Gwendoline Butel
Gwendoline Butel
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“The sessions gave me the strength to drag myself out of the waters and into the boat and sail despite the ongoing turmoil.”

Our sessions were like bubbles of oxygen

Our journey together started with a preliminary meeting which was a powerful moment for me as I left already feeling stronger, reassured, grown and safe to have found someone with whom I could go through my difficulties: a shoulder to rely on.

It was not always easy and sometimes we explored painful moments but incredibly, things always unfolded with lightness.

I trusted Laetitia entirely and trusted her intuition to know which tool or technique to choose to enable me to work through what was coming up in the session.

Each time I would leave the session feeling pumped up, relieved, serene. I had spent a wonderful time digging, clearing, healing, crying as well as laughing!

Laetitia is glowing, she is full of vitality, joy for life, positivity and simplicity: it is infectious, and, in itself, it is a medicine, her medicine!

She is also human, whole, true and her approach is not one which says “I know” but rather “I listen, I understand; let’s think together how we can help you to move forward” and this approach has been like gold to me. We worked together to find the right tools for me as an individual, to empower myself to deal with my situation.

The sessions have helped me go through the turbulent times in my life. I have learned tools and have been able to think about my life so that I could continue my journey empowered. It is as if I was initially hanging onto a rope outside a boat in the middle of a heavy storm, trying hard to hold on. The sessions gave me the strength to drag myself out of the waters and into the boat and sail despite the ongoing turmoil.

Laetitia gives us support welcoming who we are without trying to change us.
Julie – GP
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“She has been a ray of sun in the deep fog I was going through.”

Rather than giving a testimony I would like to express my gratitude to have found Laetitia on my path.

In May 2019, I was drained. I had just stopped working and was in a very profound state of exhaustion. I was trying to be perfect at work and for my family. I was left with no energy. My body was in pain, my thoughts were painful.

During this period, few were those who could bare being around me so profound was my dismay. Laetitia was here, loyal to our sessions with all her deep listening and empathic presence, and her joy for life. I thank her for that. She has been a ray of sun in the deep fog I was going through.

Our first session was from the start a very honest exchange. I could easily express my fears, my doubts and my expectations. Laetitia talked to me with a lot of transparency too. This is what I cherished about relationship we maintained for several months.

Laetitia offers a panel of techniques to respond to a wide range of problematic. Each session started with an overview of where I was at and we would consider which technique would suit me best in that moment; I let her guide me with her expertise.

The practice of EFT with Laetitia has allowed me to let go of sufferings by welcoming them with no judgement. Guided by my description of my feelings and sensations, Laetitia would put words I would not dare expressing. I felt more at peace after each session. I can now practice on my own letting words come – and sometimes tears – without judging myself.

Laetitia also taught me some techniques from Sophrology. I still practice them and they are still useful for me today. I did not know how to listen to my body anymore. Sophrology enabled me to reconnect to it.

As for the Matrix Reimprinting sessions, it has been a wonderful discovery! Being able to go through old hidden wounds and transform them into a new vision is something astonishing. It has been really beneficial to be able to practice with Laetitia who knows how to guide with a lot of compassion. This tool is so magical I would advise it to everyone.

These techniques do wonders especially as Laetitia pass them on with a lot of humanity and compassion. She is fully committed to improve the wellbeing of the person she supports. To do so she listens deeply and carefully and looks for the most appropriate response closest to her client’s needs.

Thanks to these sessions together I can recommend to anyone who is feeling stuck or in need of support to embark with her. I know by experience that not all coaches have the same value in the support they offer. If doubts are holding you back from starting a journey with her, let it go, they are only fear that need to be overcome! Laetitia can help you overcome those fears to bring you wellbeing, because she puts light where it was dark…

Hoping my testimony can also bring light to you…
Attending the circle of women
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You are like a sand that can fit into our bowls and show us that WE CAN

Thank you so much

I am breathing into your spreading wings to fly high and free 🌬❤️

I am so grateful for you and your practise 🙏🏻

Any WOMAN out there looking to „Be” MUST join in to discover Laetitias „magic”
9 Years Old
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Laetitia helped me a lot to learn to listen my body and my emotions. She listened to me and tried to understand and at the same time she found solutions. In Sophrology there are no right or wrong answers. We did a lot of exercises and we talked about several different topics such as fear, anger, confidence. Thank you very much Laetitia!
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